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Have You Lost Your Purpose and Passion?

By Kelly C. Wells


If you have spent too many years in the wrong profession, it is easy to feel as if you lost your passion. Do you wonder what it would be like to have passion back in your life?


It is critical to get in touch with your inner fire because it is the cornerstone of everything that you do. It reflects who you really are. Your passion might be miles apart from the work you do right now, but it’s calling out your name and asking you to follow.


How do you find your true passion and purpose?


Your true passion is a thread that runs through all your life experiences and is a part of your life each day. What books or magazines do you love to read? What are your favorite topics to talk about? What kinds of activities give you energy and make you feel most alive?


The answers all point to the unshakable purpose within you and the destiny you are meant to step into. Contrary to what many career counselors will tell you, your right work is not “out there.” Your calling has been calling all along and the evidence is in your life right now.


Here is a brainstorming activity to connect to this deep part of you. Take out a piece of paper and draw a line through it. On the left side, write down everything that you love. Yeah: coffee, puppies and poppies might all be on this list.


On the right side, write down everything you love to DO or read. For instance, Italian cookbooks, photography, and the tango. Finally, look at your list and brainstorm how these elements might translate into a profession or a business.


The items on your list are all clues, keys and doors to your future. Could you specialize in arranging flowers for Italian restaurants or coffee houses? Could you offer dance lessons to attract new clientele at your favorite restaurant or bar? How about specializing in photography for pet owners? It’s ok to write down any unusual and obscure ideas. Follow any insights you receive and explore new possibilities.


Life’s too short not to do work you love. Get started on a new and exciting career path today! 

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