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How to Wake Up to the Life of Your Dreams

By Kelly C. Wells


If you are still waiting for your dream career and don’t think it is out there, think again.  You might be feeling frustrated and forgotten.  You might be wondering if you’ll be stuck forever in this job jail, living for the weekends and the day you can retire. THEN, you can do what you love.


If you are already doing all you can to get hired in a new career, but still see no progress, it’s time to get excited.  Yes, get excited!

I assure you that just ahead is the break you’ve been hoping for.  It’s the right opportunity that’s got your name written all over it.  When you’ve dreamed with complete clarity about what you really want, you have laid the groundwork for seeing it in the real.


The heavens have been summoned; your wish has been written in time and space.  People and events are arranging in your favor.


When will it happen?  Maybe not today, but it is on the way.


The best way to find your dream career is to be prepared for its arrival!  Make sure your resume and cover letter highlight the characteristics that are needed in the job you want.  Focus your job hunt ONLY on what you want, not what you think you can get.  Remember, you are not looking for another soul-sucking job. 


Add skills or training in your area of interest and start acting the part.  Start living your dream in whatever way you can, and soon you will have the situation you strive for.


I will warn you:  The perfect opportunity can seem to come out of nowhere.  It doesn’t matter what is happening in the economy or if you are not the most qualified. A dream backed by passion and purpose is destined to be born.  Don’t give up on your dream.  It is on its way to reward you for your action based in faith and your belief in the miraculous.


I remember vividly a long stretch of desert in my life.  I was thirsty for transformation.  I knew what career I wanted with complete clarity, yet my day-to-day life had not changed a bit.


I kept believing that I would someday live my dream.  The exact manifestation was one I could never have imagined.  It was better than expected!   In keeping my vision clear, I was able to recognize the opportunity when it appeared.  That’s what it means to target your destiny.


“When you follow your bliss…doors will open where you would not have thought there would be doors; and where there wouldn’t be a door for anyone else.”  ~Joseph Campbell


Keep taking action in faith and believe in the miracle that has already been gifted to you.  And on a seemingly ordinary day, you will wake up to the life of your dreams.

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