How to Be In The Right Place At The Right Time

By Bernadette Doyle


You are in the perfect place at the right time, and you were given your talents and your life experience for a reason.


Of this, I am positive. And you need to be positive about it too. 


Do you recall the devastating tsunami in Sri Lanka at the end of 2004? There was a Swedish woman on the beach that day who became known as “the angel on the hill.”


She noticed the first part of the tsunami - the warning. She observed that the tide went out really quickly and was revealing the seabed. It so happened that years before, she had been working as a journalist and had done a broadcast in Hawaii about the impact of tsunamis.


At that moment, she was one of the few people that recognized and understood what was happening. She was able to warn many people to get off the beach immediately. Who knows how many lives she saved just by that action?


After the two waves subsided, people were in shock, and many badly injured. They assembled for safety on this hill, where this same Swedish woman tended to many injuries. It turned out that she had completed two years of a medical degree a few years earlier.


Though she wasn’t a qualified doctor, that two years of training had given her just enough knowledge to save many lives. 
And, here’s what I want you to take away from this true story. 
She had been a journalist and that hadn’t worked out. She had gone to medical school and that hadn’t worked out.


And quite possibly, up until that day in her life, she may have had well-meaning friends and relatives and colleagues saying to her, “You’re in your 30s now. When are you going to get your act together?”


She had obviously tried a few different careers that hadn’t played out in the way she probably expected them to. But, from another perspective, she had the perfect training to save lives that day.


So, stop being so hard on yourself. Stop lamenting the things of your past or thinking they were a waste of time, or that you’re a failure for not following through on them. So what if you’ve lost interest in a promising hobby you might have had as a child. It’s no big deal if that musical instrument fell by the wayside when you got older. 
Don’t beat yourself up over it.  Stop looking at these things as though you are a quitter or that you lack commitment.


How about looking at them from a different perspective? How about seeing everything that you’ve done in your life, and every single thing that has happened to you up until now, as the perfect training for adding the most value to your life today?


What greater value could that Swedish woman in Sri Lanka have had than to save the lives that she did?


You are in a position to add value, too. Don’t use your past as an excuse or justification for not moving forward. You need to look at your past in a different way. You have the perfect training to get started on what you want to do in your present. Your past experiences are all signposts leading to the next step, the next place you need to go.


You have a brilliant foundation to build upon right now. So Step UP! Take action and move forward to where you truly want to be.


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